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5 Bedroom Decor Styles - Tips & Tricks to Help Define Your Bedroom Design

June 24, 2021 6 min read

5 Bedroom Decor Styles - Tips & Tricks to Help Define Your Bedroom Design - FlaxLinen.com

updated June 24, 2021

A Bedroom is where you can bring your dreams alive. It is where you spend your most precious hours of your day, the place it's where all the magic happens. But where to start when designing or re-decorating your bedroom  interior? Comfort is the key but so is your personal style. Your bedroom is where you start your day so an integral design element of your lifestyle.

It's no surprise the bed is the main focal point of the room. A great Interior Designer will always go the extra mile in curating the perfect fabrics, bedding style, colors, & accent pieces. These are the details that ultimately refine a bedroom decor while aligning it with a homes overall design motif while still making comfort a priority.

5 Bedroom Decor Styles According to Interior Designer Pros | FlaxLinen.com

Whether you are an interior design pro or hobbyist in the midst of giving your room a makeover, it helps to start by deciding which of the 5 Basic Bedroom Design Styles that best suit your taste & comfort.

In this article we go through 5 basic room interior styles that will help you achieve a bedroom look.

Modern Bedroom Design 101

Design Principles to Note for Modern Bedrooms:
  • Clean lines and open spaces
  • Neutral base colors with pops of singular bright colors to highlight comfort and function
  • Accent walls with neutral colors or natural wood, stone, or neutral wallpaper
  • Natural light
  • Function as decoration, such as shelves with books or vinyls

Modern bedroom ideas focus on new age sophistication and simplicity. There are many techniques and design concepts within the modern decor trend that are based on the creators of modernism like Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, and Frank Lloyd Wright. The focus is mainly on simple bedroom decorating ideas that emphasize each piece's usefulness. Modern decor comes down to clean lines, function, and interesting shapes. For example, natural elements become decoration, but they can be incorporated into lighting fixtures, wall decor, and art. However, the bottom line in any modern bedroom decor is that everything has a function. For example, bedroom interior ideas within the modern trend feature simple wooden floors, concrete or solid wallpaper colors, and then a bright pop of color for bedding, wall art, and floor rugs. Everything else in the room complements this bright pop of color, such as neutral shelf colors or large plants in neutral color vases in the corners of the room to add beauty and nature. Simplicity and natural light add to the modern bedroom's atmosphere even more. For this reason, simple belgian linen curtain fabrics or light filtering wood blinds work best for window furnishings.

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5 Bedroom Decor Styles According to Interior Designer Pros | FlaxLinen.com

Stylish Contemporary Bedroom Ideas

Design Principles to Note for Contemporary Bedrooms:
  • Sleek, high-styled sophistication
  • Definitive lines with a contrast between bright and bold
  • Bright color choices with plush bedding in bold or neutral colors, depending on contrast to wall colors and floor choice
  • Exposed function without ruffles or clutter, so choose simple, elegant structural furniture

One thing can be said about contemporary bedrooms, they are far from boring. However, they are also comfortably charming. This design focuses on bright colors, and the color scheme is perfect for a bedroom that needs color, space, and sleek refinement. Another major component of contemporary bedrooms is the artwork. Almost all contemporary decor includes unique paintings and interesting pieces that you want the eye to focus on. These may be highlighted subtly with techniques like recessed lighting and thick matte black frames. Framing and lighting are important elements to contemporary style because everything has a place. Sleek lines are distinctive in this style, whether they are curved, horizontal, vertical, or hexagonal, there are strong lines present in any contemporary bedroom. When selecting bedding sets, you should choose bold colors. Much of contemporary decor is about the contrast of black and white or pastel yellow and bright purple. The bright and bold accents play against neutrals. If you have a neutral bed frame color in your master bedroom with bright bedding, then your color choice for the rest of the room can be pulled from your bed, since it's the central focal point.

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5 Bedroom Decor Styles According to Interior Designer Pros | FlaxLinen.com

Unique Traditional Bedroom Looks

Design Principles to Note for Traditional Bedrooms:
  • Classic design style with matching light colors
  • Symmetrical bed placement with corresponding furniture sets
  • Rich, dark to light color choices 
  • Ruffled edges, fringes, and wood accents
  • Comfortable, cozy yet slightly formal and organized
  • Overall sense of sophisticated order and elegance
  • Cozy, neutral linens and bedroom sets with slight pops of color

When it comes to traditional interior design styles, the principles lean rustic with textiles used as accents in an otherwise neutral and matching color scheme. There are no surprises with traditional interior decorating, but it's a great style to select for a bedroom. The traditional bedroom is a calm, orderly space that looks cozy, welcoming, and soft. Bedroom furniture sets typically all match the color choices, which range from very dark woods to light tan colors. Light, unobtrusive florals and elegant animal faux fur throws may be the only accents to a traditional bedroom. Bedrooms will typically have white or neutral color linen duvet covers that accent or match the headboard style. While it may seem like traditional style is slightly boring, you can spice it up with touches of color, original artwork, and nature. Plants in the corners and succulents on shelves add personality to this bedroom style.

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5 Bedroom Decor Styles According to Interior Designer Pros | FlaxLinen.com

Chic Industrial / Urban Bedroom Decor

Design Principles to Note for Industrial Urban Bedrooms:
  • Open, accessible style with a focus on raw elements like brick, wood, and metal emphasized
  • Neutral, cozy, and rich textiles for bedding
  • Must-have metals in brass, copper, or black
  • Abstract wall art, throw pillows, and rugs add flair to these bedrooms

If you love the look of a hip, downtown loft, then industrial urban decor probably comes to mind. Your bedroom will feature sleek, trendy furniture with exposed raw elements like metal and brick. Bedrooms are cozy, modern nooks in this style. As the central focal point, your bedding selections should emphasize decadent comfort, while everything around it may have dark lines, exposed metal, wood frames, and abstract modern furniture. You may want to look at flax linen bedding to accentuate this even more. Function is mixed with industrial metal shelves or wall-leaning bookcases to emphasize the design. Natural light from large windows with neutral curtains that add to the laid-back, hip atmosphere.

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5 Bedroom Decor Styles According to Interior Designer Pros | FlaxLinen.com

Getting Classic Bedroom Decor Right

Design Principles to Note for Classic Bedrooms:
  • Warm color choices with gilded accents and furniture
  • Large beds with extravagant bedding and faux fur accent textiles, such as furry throw pillows
  • Hemstitch & Embroidered edges, Honeycomb Throws and dark wood accents
  • Silk textiles mixed with cozy cotton bedroom linens

Charming and slightly quirky, classic bedrooms look like something out of a vintage film. They feature upholstered chairs, large beds with ruffled fringe bedding sets and basic color choices. Classic bedrooms do not focus on contrasts of color, rather everything has a place and fits a certain characteristic. That characteristic is decadence. Classic bedrooms typically feature gilded accents, such as dressers with gold painted edges and knobs or large art with ornate gilded frames. The bed is typically a magnificent display of layered linens with a fringe edge and multiple large, plush pillows. Everything has an interesting flair, such as a desk in the corner with little figurines and shelves on the walls filled with your favorite books. Above the bed, there may be a chandelier or other gilded lighting fixture. However, the space is not as open and airy as modern spaces.

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The real secret in designing a standout & stunning insta-pin-worthy bedroom, shall we say, 'lays' in the bedding you choose. Those bed linen details define and elevate any look. So are you a traditionalist that loves the French cottage feel of a ruffled bed skirt or are you modernist who can't live without the sleek lines of a two toned framed duvet cover with contrast solid colored euro shams? 

You can always freestyle and mix & match your own Linen Duvet CoversSheet Sets & Accessories to fit your personal bedroom style




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