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End SIDS Newborn Moses Basket Bassinet Set

Size Guide

Wholesome Linen's End SIDS Newborn Moses Basket Bassinet SetIncludes:

  • Moses Basket made from Natural Woven Palm Leaves
  • Organic Moses Basket Mattress stuffed with Flax Tow and Mattress Cover made from Undyed, Unbleached, Nontoxic Organic European Linen Fabric
  • Moses Basket Wedge Edge
  • Wholesome Linen Organic Sleep Sack
  • Water Repellant Waxed Linen Fitted Sheet for Bassinet Mattress see video below for demonstration
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Moses Basket | 100%Natural Woven Palm Leaf

Baby newborns sleep an average of 18 hours a day in the first 4 months of their young lives. Choosing the right place to sleep in the early days is critical to a babies health and survival.

Wholesome Linen's Moses Basket Bassinet & Organic Mattress Pad is the right choice for natural minded parents. We use only the highest quality materials; each specifically chosen to improve the safest Moses Basket mattress for your baby.

Made from sturdy 100% natural palm leaves. A Moses Basket is a simple and natural first bed for your baby and provides your infant with a comfy place for naps nearby you. Whether you are in kitchen, living room, beside your bed or even to gramma‰۪s house, your infant will always have their own comfy spot to nap.

Our Moses Baskets are made for babies from birth to approximately 46 months, or 18 Lb or before they are able to roll over.

***Although these Moses baskets are incredibly strong, they are not intended for carrying your baby in please make sure to transport your baby separate from the Moses Basket for their safety.

Please note basket dimensions may vary slightly as these items are handmade.

Organic Moses Basket Mattress | 100%FlaxTow Stuffing & 100% Linen Cover

Wholesome Linen's Organic Bassinet Mattress is made from all 100% organic materials that are hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antifugal & antimicrobial. Stuffed with seven layers of pressed flax tow stuffing provides the perfect support for your baby development and makes our bassinet mattresses very breathable, helping to control your baby's body temperature and avoid the risk of overheating, as recommended by the American Association of Pediatricians prevent SIDS. By contrast, foam mattresses treated with chemical fire repellant have been known to encourage the growth of bacteria. One New Zealand study has stated is one of the leading causes of SIDS, in combination with temperature & moisture.

The cover for our Mattress Pad is made from undyed, unbleached & nontoxic European 100% organic linen fabric, helps prevents the growth of any harmful bacteria. Comes in Natural Grey Linen Color.

100% organic linen cover & flax tow stuffing act as a natural fire retardant, meaning that no fireproofing chemicals are used and each one of our organic Moses Basket mattresses passes fireproofing regulations natural, sustainable way.

Organic Moses Basket Mattress Wedge Edge | 100% Linen Cover & 100% Flax Tow Stuffing

Our bassinet mattress is placed inside on top of the wedge, this way it is safely attached and works as an edge by extending the mattress inside the bassinet, surrounding and protecting the newborns head from touching the basket. It also works as a slight wedge to help infants with Acid Reflux while they are a sleep.

Organic Linen Sleep Sack | 100% Linen

All parents are concerned about their babies comfort and safety while they are sleeping. With Wholesome Linen there is no need to worry because of our exceptionally breathable 100% organic linen fabric naturally regulates baby's body temperature and reduces the risk of SIDS. This luxurious baby blanket sleeper will also save you from buying any other brand of sleep sack sizes and as TOG ratings because it comes in one universal size that fits babies 3 to 18 months old and it can be used yearround.

After your baby has transitioned from swaddling, experts recommend your baby should graduate to a wearable blanket or a baby sleeping bag for sleep. Wholesome Linen Organic Sleep Sack is soft, highquality, and features a 2way zipper that makes it simple to use. Keeps baby warm winter months, cools baby down and absorbs moisture in the summer months. Comes in Grey Linen Color.Easy care machine washable.

Water Repellant Fitted Sheet | 100% Waxed Linen

This supersoft and comfy fitted sheet for our is perfect for ourmoses basket mattress pad.Made of 100% organic waxed linen making it a water repellant as well as washable. Elasticized edges offer a crisp, tailored fit over our bassinet mattress. Comes in Natural Linen Color.

*Please note dimensions may vary slightly as these items are handmade.

Natural Baby Moses Basket Bassinet

Age birth to 6 months

Weight birth to 18 lb

Size 32" x 15" x 9"

Organic Flax Mattress with Grey Linen Cover

Age birth to 6 months

Weigh birth to 18 lb

Size 26.7" x 12" x 1.6"

29" x 13" x 2" (with Bassinet Wedge Edge)

Organic Unisex Baby Sleep Sack

Age 3 to 18 months

Weight 5 to 22 lb

Size 30" x 18" x 1"

Waxed Linen Fitted Sheet for Bassinet Mattress

Age birth to 6 months

Weight birth to 18 lb

Size 27" x 12" x 1.5"

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Buy 1 Give 1 Bonus

When you buy 1 'Premium Basket' we give 1 'Basic Basket' to an underprivileged newborn baby Get More details of Wholesome Linen's #Buy1Give1 Charity Campaign here